a BPM oriented 

web platform

for YOUR

business processes

CRM, Supply chain,
Sales force, HR, Ticketing,
Organizational processes.

At Q Web Solutions we built Sinapsi Platform and we currently use it to implement BPM oriented web applications, Sinapsi includes a comprehensive set of features to model and aggregate data, to visually design BPM processes, business rules and user interface.

The development platform actually supports hundred of running implementations for sites, portals and business applications, complementing day by day business for small to large organizations.


Embrace the BPM working model

your daily business is process oriented,
so should be the information system you use.

Enhance your working model

Enhance and Consolidate
your working model

Users are being guided by Sinapsi in order to fulfil their daily tasks based on rigorous still flexible workflow you define.

Sinapsi can be implemented stand alone or it can consolidate an existing information system (ERP, CRM), your organization will become agile, proactive and event based.

Your business is distributed

Your business is distributed

The clients, suppliers or external partners are an essential part of your business, allow them role-based access to your business process.

Sinapsi is a web based application, it naturally extends the working processes to the company’s external participants.

Be flexible, and value yours data

Be flexible,
and value your data

Say good bye to unflexible, read-only designed solutions; your business has to be agile, Sinapsi supports you in changing on the fly the processes, UI and business rules.

Sinapsi structures and consolidates your business processes output data, the reporting & BI features will help you in monitoring, analysing data and performance indicators.

Solutions by industry  
Processes digitalization


Being a process oriented platform Sinapsi fits naturally for distributed CRM solutions and sales force management.


A complete suite of modules to manage the entire HR lifecycle from onboarding to exit.


Nothing has to get lost or be ignored when it comes to planning or monitoring activities and projects.
Sinapsi helps you managing strategic activity planning, day to day operations, monitoring and turning your data into knowledge for continuous improvement.


A top 3 worldwide furniture component supplier uses our platform and solutions to manage its Industry 4.0 implementation.
Integration with PLCs, Beckhoff equipments, data and sensor acquisition, operational dashboards, production floor mobile application.


Most of our customers started automating some Excel files and ended by fully implementing most of their internal processes in Sinapsi, a complete reshape of the company vision toward processes and strategic date.

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